We create the story just for you

We believe every couple work hard to make this special day unique, and every wedding video should be too. With more than 10yrs of experience in the wedding industry, we understand the variations of tastes our clients bring. Our wedding story options cover a wide range of budgets and deliverables, allowing you to choose the exact experience that fits for you.


Below are several creatively crafted wedding stories that capture the primary focus of your special day, including options for additional day events. Extra cinematographers and coverage can always be added as necessary. After choosing a package, you can customize your package with our available additions. We want this story to feel like you, so contact us with whatever you have in mind! 


If you’re interested in pricing, please reach out through our contact form and we'd love to capture your special moment. 

Highlight Story

What has now become the new demand from most bridal couples, our Highlight Story has quickly became a key request for clients who love a short version of their event that focuses on the emotional highlights of the evening. Every moment has been selected to deliver only the most impactful representation of your story. 

5-7 Minute Highlight Video

2 Cinematographers (including Drone Pilot)

10-12 Hour Wedding Day Coverage

Digital Link and Digital Download Delivery

Selective Story

When you only want selective parts of your story such as ceremony, toasts, cake cutting and first dance, this may be the package for you. Couples typically choose this when a highlight story isn't enough and a documentary story is too much. The combination of selective coverage and still imagery paints a beautiful story for years to remember.

15-20 Minute Selective Story Video

1 Cinematographer

Hours based on requested coverage

Digital Link and Digital Download Delivery

Documentary Edit

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45-50 Minute Documentary Video

2 - 3 Cinematographers (including Drone Pilot)

10-12 Hour Wedding Day Coverage

Digital Link and Digital Download Delivery

---------- THE ADDITIONS ----------

Customize your collection with additional stories that complete the timeline. Below are the most popular options

Rehearsal Dinner

An upgrade to the Rehearsal Dinner Coverage included with your wedding collection, this is a full length film of the Rehearsal Dinner speeches in their entirety, rather than only selections included in your highlight or documentary edit. This film pairs well with any cinematic story selection as a keepsake of all of the wonderful speeches that are integrated into your wedding story.  

Teaser Edit

A quick, 1-2 minute, teaser that excites family and friends for the up coming release of the final highlight or documentary story. These teasers perfectly complement your highlight or documentary story, and are delivered online within 1-3 weeks of your wedding, so you can quickly invite those to relive the memorable moments from your wedding day, while we work on your final package. There's no better way to build up the excitement of your wedding day with friends and family.

Documentary or Highlight Addition

A story for family and friends and a story for the newlyweds. Family and Friends typically want to cut to the chase and want to see all that happened within less that 10min while newlyweds may want to relive every element of each key moment. Adding one of these to compliment the other fulfills that desire.